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Our Biggest Redesign 

With You in Mind

The MARTA NextGen Bus project is a system-wide reimagining of the MARTA bus network: where the buses go, and how often. 

MARTA hasn’t done this in a long time, but the region’s needs and goals have changed.  We need to make sure that the bus network is right for today, and tomorrow.

MARTA is working on many projects to enrich the transit network, but right now, we can't assume that there will be money to expand our bus service in the next two years.  So we have to think about how to arrange the service we have.  So this conversation is about priorities.  What’s more important?  What’s less important?


So right now, we need to hear what your priorities are.  We have laid out some alternatives for what the network looks like, depending on what’s most important.  Have a look here!

Latest News

What are your priorities?

Tell us what your priorities are!  We now have two alternative network design concepts that illustrate different priorities.


Learn about them and comment here. 

What Is a Bus Network Redesign?


Redesigning the bus network means collaborating with others to answer questions such as:

Routing and frequency

Where should bus service travel, and how frequently?

New or additional service

Should some locations get new service, or additional service?

How should service run on weekends, or at night?

Weekends and nights

How are connections made among buses, and between buses and trains?


Redesign Process


1. Discover

  • Existing bus routes

  • Ridership and route performance studies

  • Define Network Concepts

3. Design


  • Study community input

  • Obtain MARTA Board direction

  • Develop draft reimagined network

4. Confirm

  • Obtain input on the draft reimagined network

  • Organizational stakeholder workshop

  • Public meetings

  • Survey

5. Complete

  • Public hearings on the proposed service changes

  • New bus network to be implemented after board adoption

2. Engage

  • Conversations about ridership and coverage tradeoff

  • Organizational stakeholder workshop

  • Public meetings

  • Survey

Public engagement is critical to the success of the NextGen Bus project and every phase of the process will include opportunities for public input. Click here to get in touch.

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