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Existing Network

  • Red lines arrive every 15 minutes or less

  • Purple lines arrive every 16 - 24 minutes

  • Blue lines arrive every 25 - 30 minutes

  • Light blue lines arrive every 31 - 60 minutes

This is a map of our bus network today. The color of the route tells you how often the bus arrives during the day. For example, on a red line, a bus arrives every 15 minutes.

More people tend to use the red lines (a bus every 15 minutes) because the next bus is always coming soon. However, MARTA runs only five red lines, so we have very few of these frequent bus routes. Most of our bus routes arrive every 30 minutes, and many arrive every 60 minutes.

Both goals are important, but within a limited budget shifting towards one means shifting away from the other.

You can compare this pre-pandemic network to the proposals, which are here.

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